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Rocket Raccoon front and back by BlackRabbitArtisan
Rocket Raccoon front and back
Cosplayers don't often get photos taken of the back of their costumes, so it's nice when someone does and appreciates the work you've done! It's also good to see where we might need to make improvements ^^; I definitely need to shave his arms and legs down a bit, and patch some of the fur that's come loose from his feet. I need to add the big collar too. Now that I have some down time I can slowly start making my way through repairs and improvements. 

I cosplayed Rocket Raccoon on Saturday of Melbourne OzComicCon, where he was well received! Thanks for all the love, it means a lot :heart:
Photo by Levina of LHT Creations
We are Groot by BlackRabbitArtisan
We are Groot
Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy): made and worn by me | follow me on Mudget Makes
Brett Woolgar Photography

I had wanted to do this scene for a little while but never got a chance to coordinate when Brett and I were both free. We finally got together to do a shoot for a magazine submission competition. 

I can't express how much I love this photo of Rocket Raccoon with his little bits of Groot :aww: I have to thank Brett Woolgar Photography for patiently scouting the right location, putting up with horrible Melbourne weather, and for getting these done on such short notice.

A special shoutout too to Chibi Rei Cosplay and Os Cordis Cosplay for helping out, keeping me tucked in and making sure I didn't fall on my face!

I am Iron Man by BlackRabbitArtisan
I am Iron Man
We were doing some promo work at 'I'm Rick James Bricks' today and I finally managed to snap a few photos of Matthew's Iron Man costume. It's the first time he's been in it when I'm not also wearing Rocket Raccoon ^^; 

Iron Man: Matthew Owen
Iron Man costume commissioned from R.A.W…
Photography: me
Boop by BlackRabbitArtisan
This was one of those moments that I didn't even realise happened until I saw the photo. A sweet little head boop moment between Groot and Rocket :3

Rocket: made and worn by me
Groot: made and worn by Shane
Photo: Moira O'Reilly
Taken at the Good Friday Appeal 'Kids Day Out', for the Melbourne Costume Group.
I Spy by BlackRabbitArtisan
I Spy
Personal photography project, playing around with my new extension tube for some super macro, and enjoying the last of the sunny weather. I had been pruning around the deck area when I spotted this little dude clinging to the side of the dogs' water bowl. It was a rather tricky exercise, as mantids will sway when you approach, and have a habit of trying to move away from the giant lens in their face, combined with the additional challenge of zoom exaggerating even the slightest of motions, and manual focusing. So, with those in mind I'm really quite happy with the photograph. 
oh gosh I haven't been overly active here lately, I'm sorry DX I hadn't even updated my journal entry haha oops. So, I've been pretty busy and lazy with cosplay and uni and procrastinating. I haven't done much arting the past semester, which makes me sad. I was doing more a theory based unit (and a design concepts unit, which is product packaging design stuff I was working on, but I won't bother uploading here), so I've been pretty slack with keeping up with my drawing and painting skills.

I have been busy working on cosplay and props though. I finished my Winter Soldier costume for Melbourne Supanova in April, though I'm going to be reworking the cyber arm during the summer holidays. I'll be sculpting and casting a urethane arm sleeve for that (scary but exciting). I've been working on a Captain America Stealth Suit costume for Matt, and was meant to have it done for April too, but alas it wasn't completed in time. I'm still plugging away at it though, so hopefully I'll have something to show off for all the hard work I've put into it (ughhh scratch patterning, so many panels, so much sewing). I finished Matt's costume for Oz Comic Con though - Fantomex, from Uncanny X Force which is a costume he's been wanting to do since last year. I'm pretty please with how it turned out. My AoA Nightcrawler (also X Force) didn't get finished because lycra is the spawn of the devil, but I'll also get that finished for an X Force photoshoot. I might upload some of the progress photos though in case they're helpful (eg his tail build, gloves, makeup etc). I'm now working on a Rocket Raccoon build for the Guardians of the Galaxy premier. I've got to get my butt moving on this one though because there's not much time left, and this week I've been progressing much slower than I would like. I will hopefully have some wonderful photos to share of him with the rest of the Guardians though! I also have to start getting a move on for our Assassin's Creed Unity cosplay builds, and I have some art I've been working on for genderbend designs of the Co-op characters (because yes, Ubisoft, you can create female assassins, and yes they can be badass, and no they don't need to be half naked). I'm really looking forward to debuting those for PAX and EBX later this year. 

Um, so I don't really have much else to share. I figured the journal was well overdue for updating, and I've been kind of lurking around here and only ever now and then uploading stuff. Hope everyone is well and taking care of themselves! :heart:


Animal Sciences teacher, animal technician, zoologist, cosplayer, gamer, nerd, Graphic Design student, amateur artist and photographer.

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